The Art of Threading

Image: vibrantbeautysalon

Image: vibrantbeautysalon

I hold the intention to age as naturally as possible, but definitely not opposed to the needle. I have discovered (and been told) that after my threading appointments, my forehead appears lifted. The why? The angles of the face are shaped by the brow, heralding it as the most important facial feature.

My threader confirmed the technique that by using the thread you can geometrically align the edge of the brow with the nostril, the highest point of the arch to the outer edge of the eyeball and the outer brow to the outer nostril, ensuring the shape will lift the eyes. In addition, waxing or plucking matures the skin quicker and can create a drooping effect.

Every morning when I apply my makeup, I brush my brow UP, then smooth it laterally in light feathery strokes. In the evening I also fill in with colour.

The challenge? The few days before you are due for your threading… so hard to hold back from plucking.

Here is my threader Dipika Patel. She also does my Mani/Pedi.

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