Travel Essentials

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As a mama of two boys, I desperately need time alone. Unapologetically, I travel solo every so often to fulfill that women in me that yearns to run wild with the wolves. Whether it be week/ends away doing teacher trainings or zipping down to Lido Beach to breathe the ocean air, anywhere I go solo I somehow feel more than perfect, refreshed and a sense of appreciation for the life I have chosen.

Here are my essentials :

AWAY : The Bigger Carry-On in Blush. (Tip : Buy their Insider Packing Cubes to be able to fit more in).

Uashmama : Weekender Bag in Cashmere (Shop local at Mikko Espresso Boutique).

Go-Alignment : Selenite (This is the clutch to carry essential oils… or cell phone and cards).

Lululemon : The Reversible (Un) Mat

Journal : I love Elena Brower’s Practice.You but I am also obsessed with Moleskine (to take notes from practices on Glo or listening to Podcasts).

Pixie Lighthorse : Prayers of Honoring (or any of her work)

Deck of Cards : Osho Zen Tarot (This is the deck I am currently using).

doTerra Oils : Lemon + Copaiba (drop of each in hot water), InTune (perfume), Anchor (before yoga practice), Rose (under my eyes - always).

Swell : 25oz water bottle in Lily Wood

Embrace your quiet~