Divine Creativity

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Over the years my swooning over and collecting Jon Hardy pieces, shifted to more affordable Satya and Shakti stunners.

6 years ago I watched an interview with my teacher Elena Brower, chatting about her book The Art of Attention, but I couldn’t help focus more on the piece around her neck. A huge Aqua Aura quartz, suspended by gold leather. Instantly I searched google to fine the stellar necklace and landed on the site Vega Jewelry. I was smitten, but with the 395US pricetag, I couldn’t bear to click purchase.

Years later, at a local crystal shop, an Aqua Aura caught my eye and I instantly downloaded the idea to make it: total cost 40CAD.

Since that day, friends in the community have been inspired to make their own. Let me share with you my how, possibly infusing you with your own divine creativity.

Inspiring yogic jewelry websites : Satya, Shakti, Vega, Rock and Raw, Satamber, Joanne Stone

Crystals : Crystal Dreams, Energy Muse, Sacred Simple

Materials : Fine Gems Canada, Etsy, Michaels Gorilla Glue

Pour yourself a cup of tea, light Palo Santo, close your eyes, inhale and feel your divine creativity surge through you. (No need for special clasp… simply tie around neck).

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