A Finer Listening

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I can remember the Christmas I received my very own walk-man. My first tape, Whitney Houston’s I Wanna Dance with Somebody, because we share the same birthday of course. I quickly became addicted to detaching from everything with my eyes closed and my foam padded earphones on. It became a way to feel felt, especially when I perceived those around me didn't understand me.

With my learnings over the years regarding the duality between particle and wave, vibration, frequency and energy, sound current is of utmost importance; whether it be a reciting a mantra, playing violin or listening to The Lumineers. Can we honour sound as all of creation, for it is pure potentiality.

I take pride in my yoga playlists and have decided to share my latest. Enjoy~

Palemote : Slow Meadow

Eyes Closed and Travelling : Peter Broderick

In Nadir : Oscar Collin

Caves : Haux

Electric Feel : Henry Green

Your Love (Instrumental) : Sol Rising

Waste : Rhye

Float : Sol Rising

Open Your Heart : Sol Rising

Neptune : Beauvois

Heartless : Lapsley

The Wolves : Ben Howard

Attente : Beauvois

Let It Go By : Fiora, Robert Koch

Absence : Slow Meadow

The Evening Star : Danny Norbury

Celeste : Kyri Beau

I Found : Amber Run

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