Fork and Tasty Healthy Meals

Image @fork.n.tasty

Image @fork.n.tasty

I am one to enjoy being in the kitchen, preparing nourishing recipes for myself and my family. Yet, it comes with conditions. The kitchen needs to be clean, I need to be alone, I needn't be in a rush and music needs to be on. Of course my ideal is not always the case. Between my yoga classes, running errands, cleaning house and maintaining the boys schedules, time stands in the way for meal prep. Fortunately my friend Al began a business last spring that I can now rely on, here in the heart of Hudson. His meals to-go are perfect for those weekdays when it's sometimes easier to reach for empty-fast food meals that leave you full, but not nourished. Using fresh products rich in healthy fats, low in sodium, carbs, and sugar, his meals will help you feel better about your choices. He hopes you enjoy your meals as much as he loves making them.

To get on Al’s weekly Menu newsletter you can either email or call 450-456-3078

PS. The Spicy Cauliflower Bites imaged above are AMAZING!

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