Self Observation : The Awakening of Conscience

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I have been an avid reader since little. Memories of going to the bookstore with my family and buying 3-4 books at a time. This has carried on into my adulthood, although I somewhere along the way kicked the fiction and crave depth and perceptions on the unanswerable.

My teacher Elena Brower referred this book to me a few months ago, authored by Red Hawk. I opened its pages precisely at a moment in time my family encountered some emotional difficulty. Synchronistic or precisely orchestrated?

The practice of self-observation can be very difficult. How often do we chose to be QUIET within our everyday reality and tune inward, reflecting on reactivity and felt sensation of uncomfortableness. To feel it and to withhold the need to ACT or change. This is the ultimate practice. To be awake and conscious and hold the ABILITY to choose from aim. To see yourself honestly.

This book fuelled the re-routing and guided the quieting, which inevitably allowed the dissolution. A true saving grace. In actuality a remembering of internal grace in which we all possess.

Erica ArsenaultComment