Why Scrape?

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I dabbled with an Ayurvedic practice when I encountered difficulty conceiving my first born, 8 years ago. My yoga teacher training had briefly touched on the subject, but my nature to absorb more knowledge brought me to the book Perfect Health written by Deepak Chopra. Here I learned I was mainly Pitta Dosha (ofcourse!) and I began to incorporate the techniques he suggested: dry brushing, daily Abhyanga with sesame oil, consuming cooling foods/beverages, shifting from running to walking. Naturally over time, this practice fell short to time and motherhood.

With the encouragement from my dear friend Ann Michele, I have decided to immerse myself in the sacred ritual once again. Among other treatments she suggested tongue scrapping. She explained the Ama (un-metabolized waste that cannot be utilized by the body) on the tongue reflects toxicity that we are holding internally; a mirrored reflection of our organs. Examining your tongue daily is an opportunity of self-awareness, reflecting how your choices of consumption are directly affecting your health physically, mentally and emotionally. I instantly bought the tiny instrument and have been scraping away since.

Link below to read the innumerable benefits from scrapping your tongue.

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