My Mirror


My Emry. My Mirror.

A glimpse in time scintillates when as a child I slammed the door, threw myself under the covers and cried through the anger. Face flushed. Hair wet on my cheeks. Countless moments feeling controlled, forced, unable to express my value, completely powerless. This of course my young perception. Sculpted and chiseled I left home at 17, soaring beyond restriction, yet these early life emotions imprinted within the depths of my cells.

Then you came along. The lack of mastery resurfaced instantly. Only now through the patterning am I finally, finally unearthing the wisdom. You are my reflection to move into my subconscious and soothe my innate innocence. To breathe vastly into the precise stories, resurfacing my resentments, frustrations, sadness and loneliness that is being directed towards your adventure. The gentleness of my own mothering within these still frames of my script will expand my softening, reshaping your legacy. 

This day, hand holding heart, I chant MAA to my selfhood. The remedy for all Mamas. 

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