Vanished within shades of gray. Here. Now. Why is my love for her anger, increasingly high? Consumed by the fierce wind numbing out the subtlest of sounds. Clouds defining the finer shades within the creators endless palate. Duality emulated by the thunderous waves surging in energy; quiet nothingness laps the shoreline. Footprints, discovered through oneness amidst the tiniest of particles. Impermanence refined. What is it? With eyes bowed to her sovereignty: I listen. I feel. I am. Time here slows always. The heaviness of my judgments blanket me. I tenderly hold curiosity within my longing to dissolve all that I am attached to: to be more light. More free. More spirit. When I sink into the depths of her, of this, of now, my radiance reflects within the darkness encompassing me. Like a baptism, she washes me every single time. Her.

Erica ArsenaultComment