An Opening of Direct Knowing :: A Love Note



In one timeless moment, the deepest of release. A space of infinity, without question, aligned perfectly. Five years of restlessness, contraction and contemplation. An undeniable vibration, so deep creating resistance, manifesting resentment, all stemming from fear. Wound up within me, consumed in question, I longed for reason. What is this force? What is this energetic attraction? Unwanted. I chose a direction. A path of trust, joy, abundance, yet I always circled back . Fully blocked, smothering my playfulness. 

As I levitate to view my experiences from then until now, I can see with such clarity. It's so pristine. All of the moments flowing synchronistically, building on the previous to ensure my readiness. No more hiding. No more secrets. The message landed, so simple, so absolute. Oscillating at the same energetic frequency, a mirrored reflection of my own innate. Pure Source flowing of bold love :: all along that of MYSELF. I own this. Finally arrived in courage, untied and set free.

So thank-you.

Thank-you to the Practice :: Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo.

Thank-you to my Teachers, my sweet E :: the clear channel you are for reminding me of my highest.

Thank-you to all of the Authors :: your wisdom continues to facilitate my evolution of understanding.

Thank-you to the Healer :: pouring energy into my throat with the slightest of touch.

Thank-you to the Clairvoyant :: the reframing of soul experience within this human experience.

Thank-you to the Shaman :: the reorganization through the subtlest of drumming.

Thank-you to the Artist :: for feeling my doubt and pushing me to crack into the tiniest of pieces.

Thank-you to the Stranger :: pour votre vulnerabilite et pour avoir pris mon coeur.

Thank-you to my Josh :: for honoring my sensitivities within the journey, my wide open honesty and my expansion within space and time.

Thank-you Universe :: for finally gifting me with an opening of direct knowing.

And thank-you. Thank-you. Thank-you. To all of my anger, my resentment, my annoyance, my impatience, my rage, my bitterness, my guilt, my shame, my sadness, my worthlessness, my emptiness. In deep reverence, thank-you to my boldness, my fearlessness, my resilience, my forgiveness and my unlearning to what always was, is and will be.

In light.