The Big Picture

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"Listen to me, I want to tell you something. The reason I love You is because you are the one(s) who has taught me how to love and appreciate life" -Baaba Maal in Pulaar, singing There Will Be Time. 

You told me you needed more than just a pretty face. You put me down to make those around us laugh. You've stolen from me and felt it's your right. You've spoken my language. You've looked at me with a feeling of better than. You've challenged me to feel not good enough-ness. You're thoughts towards me have left me questioning why. You've manifested in me so much contemplation. You're innocent anger has plowed defeat though my veins, falling to my knees. Only now do I finally see the big picture. I've designed all of this. I've orchestrated these interactions to teach me. These darkened moments I've wandered internally are the catalysts I've delicately coordinated to teach me to re-align. Let me sit here and feel the scars deeply rooted in anger. I am allowing all the lifetimes of patterning to surge through me. This is the reason I emit more LOVE to all of you. 

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