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Quiet: Our natural state of being. A state of love, clarity and abundance.

Why then do we allow the internal dialogue to layer and mask our true selves with fear, judgements and perceptions? Why do we allow our very own thought patterns to create havoc within our realities, veering us into resistance? When we take the time to just be and sit in meditation, we can soften these tendencies; revealing a silence of pure bliss.

The Eternal Dance

We are vibrating. Our physical bodies—made of cells, atoms and molecules—are in a constant state of change. Our bodies, emotions, and thoughts create a personal vibration. If we apply the law of physics, energetic waves generate, rippling out into the universe. Your present moment, right here right now, has sprouted from your personal vibration. Thoughts, even though they are not said aloud, are still being materialized in the universe; they are energy and we are porous. Therefore, you have co-created the shape of your reality merely from your thoughts and perceptions. 

When we take the time to sit and simply allow what is, we begin to harmonize with our personal vibration; our inherent quiet. We begin to understand that we cannot control our thoughts or emotions, but we learn to feel when the vibration is activated. We learn to acknowledge the sensation that arises from the emotional blockage and separate ourselves. It’s not who we really are. It’s a learned response. This is very liberating. 

Meditation helps us to rewire our brain; to unlearn the habitual reactivity. We begin to understand that the negative will continue to come at us sporadically, but if we can witness and rest in the heightened vibration, understanding that thoughts are not reality, we can smile at the concept of impermanence and the triggered vibration eventually returns to the inherent baseline quiet. Over time, with a consistent meditation practice, this becomes so fluid. So effortless.

The Practice of Nothing

Meditation is simply being. There are no rules, no right or wrong. It is not about forcing or manipulating. It is simply arriving and connecting to your baseline. In this quiet space of allowing you are accepting what is and releasing the learned fears, judgements and perceptions. You begin to understand they don’t serve you. By returning to your mantra or returning to your breath, the blockages that instigate your personal vibration begin to dissipate. 

Over time this deep sense of trust warms you as you learn to let go and accept what life is unfolding, expanding you beyond limitations. Meditation helps us to slip into a state of wholeness, harmonizing the systems and creating brain coherence. Eventually ease saturates the physical, mental and emotional realms, both on and off the cushion. 

I welcome my quiet with open arms daily; my most favorite 22 minutes. The practice has lifted me in moments of heaviness, transforming my experiences into catalysts for personal growth. By sitting and arriving in my personal vibration, I have let go of the internal struggle, the contraction and rigidity that has held me back from my highest self for years. By learning to feel, harmonize and reside; this is where the magic happens. May you take the time to sit and embrace your quiet. 

Inspiration taken from Deepak Chopra's Primordial Sound Meditation, Penney Peirce's Frequency, and Elena Brower's Art of Attention Audio Meditation Course.

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