Embrace Your Quiet :: Excerpt from Wanderlust Speakeasy

"... We are bombarded with 60 to 80 thousand thoughts each day: Planning, worrying, remembering, judging, analyzing. And if we can be honest with ourselves, our thoughts are mainly negative. How much of this is really happening on the outside, or is it simply an internal experience? Thoughts are not reality, but your interpretation of reality. And your perception is not reality either, but merely your point of view, your opinion. Inevitably, your perception becomes your reflection :: Gabrielle Bernstein, Marianne Williamson, Wayne Dyer, among many, share this inspiration :: Your perception, even though its not being said aloud, it is still being materialized in the universe because your thoughts are vibrating; quantum physics proves when something is vibrating, it creates a wave. We are porous, so this energetic wave flows right through us, manifesting. Therefore, everything within your reality has sprouted from within. Your life is orchestrated, co-created through your personal vibration. So ask yourself this ~ How often is your personal vibration at its baseline? Be honest. Take responsibility. My teacher Elena Brower states 'By taking responsibility you ensure your evolution' (Art of Attention). Meditation helps us access our baseline. We surrender to the fact that we can't control our thoughts or emotions, they occur sporadically, but we can learn to step back from them and rest in the awareness of the activated vibration. Recognizing its just a thought, not judging the negativity, and then separating: its not who you really are. This is very liberating. That moment when you can acknowledge your personal vibration stuck... charged... and you can say to yourself, "I'm activated. I'm triggered. I'm angry." There's this space created. Left with a choice: Do I wish to continue to fuel the destructive fire creating more dis-ease within my systems, or breathe and feel the vibration, trusting in impermanence, eventually embracing my baseline quiet? Not at all easy~ I still fall short, but when I sit consistently, the practice becomes more fluid, more effortless..."

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