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May you record this reading on your electronic device to access at anytime ~ Blessings

Begin to close your eyes, soften your jaw, shoulders relax, knees release. Move your awareness into your pelvis and with equal attention between your right and left sitting bone, root them into the earth, connecting with the upward rising energy occurring within your spine. Releasing any tightness in your lumbar, widening, creating space, your upper back, opening your heart, lengthening your neck as you gently tuck your chin. Sense yourself elevating from your palate, through your mid-brain, out through the crown of your head.

Once you sense your posture optimized, bring your hands into Dhyana Mudra, hands resting on your lap facing the sky, right on top of left, with your thumbs gently touching. 

Sense the entirety of this moment. Your physical body, your breath, your inherent vibration stemming from your heart space. 

Quietly begin to lengthen each breath through your nostrils, noticing how your body expands and deflates, naturally with least effort. Witness as you inhale, your diaphragm lengthening, belly rises away from the spine and as you exhale draw the breath up and out, physically becoming lighter as you let go of any heaviness, tension, stress. Feel supported, clear and nourished in this present moment. Smile.

I invite you to begin to offer yourself lovingkindness by silently whispering the following words I AM LOVED. Repeat the phrase, offering as much space as needed between. When you sense your mind wandering, which it will, simply notice and smile, releasing it through the exhalation, returning to the phrase I AM LOVED... I AM LOVED... I AM LOVED...                                         


I invite you now to think of an individual who has been especially kind to you. Envision this person, say their name, feel their presence within you and offer this lovingkindness energy to them, silently repeating MAY YOU BE LOVED. Maintain your steadiness, your connection, your clarity. MAY YOU BE LOVED... MAY YOU BE LOVED... MAY YOU BE LOVED...


Keeping your eyes closed here, call to mind someone who has been hurting or having a difficult time. An individual struggling with their health, maybe their career. Again picture them in your minds eye, feel them, silently say their name, reciting the phrase YOU ARE LOVED... YOU ARE LOVED... YOU ARE LOVED...


Lastly, envision an individual whom you find difficult to get along with. Someone who irritates you, possibly you've had a disagreement with. Notice how your physical body begins to react. Trust in this moment you are cleansing the stuck, blocked energy that's meant to be released, understanding we are all deserving of love. Release your suffering here, reciting the phrase I OFFER LOVE. If this is too difficult for you, just go back to sending lovingkindness towards yourself. I OFFER LOVE... I OFFER LOVE... I OFFER LOVE...


Welcome yourself back. Keeping your eyes closed, begin to lengthen your breathing. Noticing how you feel in this present moment compared to the beginning of your sitting. Notice the finest sensations of love emanating from your heart space. May you remember throughout the day this feeling of connectedness. Understanding that love is more than a feeling, but an ability.

This is your highest, most radiant self. May you help others feel more love today. Namaste~

***Inspired from the book Real Happiness written by Sharon Salzberg***

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