It's All About The Feminine

The yogic term HATHA seeks to create harmony and balance; ha - referring to the masculine, activity, heat and light of the sun; tha - the opposing elements of feminine, receptivity, cool and darkness of the moon. We seek to create this equilibrium of opposing forces in our yoga practice and in our lives :: we recognize the power of the opposites, but how often do we slow down and surrender to the moon as opposed to basking in the sun?

I started 'moon bathing' (that's right - like sun bathing in the dark) while I was trying to get pregnant with my first. My acupuncturist told me I was too heated - too masculine (PITTA dosha obviously) prescribing me to drink cucumber water, walk instead of my daily run, practice Chandra Namaskar instead of Surya Namaskar and to allow the New Moon and Full Moon reflect on my face. She explained how the Moon affects the Earths oceans and rivers with its gravitational pull, which is at its greatest during its new and full phases. Our bodies are estimated to be about 80% water, therefore the Moon naturally has an effect on our systems. A light went off :: somewhat of an AHA-moment.

I've continued moon bathing and practicing Chandra Namaskar on my mat when I feel emotionally reactive, irritable, cranky and intense (which can be more often than not *sigh*) as I find the cooling properties to be healing and cleansing. The Moon allows me to shed my masculine charge and reconnect with my feminine soft. My ability to slow down and surrender to that space between breaths. 

Tonight as you look up to feel the power of the Super Moon, may you feel the grace, the elegance and the baseline softness of your feminine inherent within :: because at the end of the day, to cultivate simplicity, peace and love it really is all about the feminine.

Erica ArsenaultComment