My Love Affair with Napping

My whole life people have always complimented how efficient I can be. Constantly multi-tasking; almost rushing. Rushing for what? After my first son was born I was reminded to 'nap when the baby naps' (for a first time pregnant mama this brought on an eye-roll). I thought 'who the hell has time?' I soon learned to not take personal time to be quiet did nothing for my body, my emotions and too quickly my family. I was left with anger, tiredness and resentment. 

3 years later with a second Nugget I've fallen in love with my bed. I am addicted to leaving the dishes dirty in the sink (which for my control issues this is huge), to rush to my white bamboo sheets once the baby nods off in his crib. I am learning to finally take time (because there is so much of it); listening to what my body is asking. 

Nourish yourself this week with a nap. Gift yourself by turning off the chaos of electronics, softening your eyelids with an eye pillow, using essentials if that's your fancy and open a window. I promise, you will send me a silent prayer of loving thanks. 

Erica Arsenault2 Comments