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Yoga for Emotional Well-Being :: Cultivating a Home Practice

Image @mikehitelman

Image @mikehitelman

Learn to feel and shift from emotional turbulence to a grounded, quieter sense of self. Erica will emphasize the power in allowing and feeling when our emotions are heavy and how to release the blockage daily through postures, breathwork, meditation and essential oils. Whether these emotions occur daily or arrive sporadically, taking this time will create a foundation to support yourself, rising into resilience. This is beyond necessary.

In this workshop you will:

Learn the locations of the body that hold Anger~Depression and Fear~Anxiety.
Nourish emotional healing by taking responsibility, changing your personal narrative.
Understand neuroplasticity, creating confidence in oneself to hold the capacity for change. 
Cultivate direct experience with the body, trusting in impermanence.
Develop a daily ritual as a prescription to emotional well-being.

**This workshop lasts 3 + hours with a generous pause to savour rice paper spring rolls, power balls and tea offered by local Mikko Espresso Boutique.**

A manual and essential oils are supplied to support daily home practice.

Workshop presented in English. 

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Price 89 + tax (including food supplied by Mikko espresso & boutique)