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Image Spa Le Tsar

Image Spa Le Tsar

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Enjoy a unique sensory experience!

Assisting to a live music show in a most extraordinary manner: by practicing yoga or receiving a massage! In an abandoned church! And much more!:
Enjoy the visual beauty of the great architecture, soft inspiring aromas of diffused essential oils, feel the physical benefits of yoga and/or massage, let your body vibrate to the sounds of live music, and then complete the experience with fine dining and wine tasting.

SPA LE TSAR in partnership with LULULEMON invites you to live an uplifting experience through a multisensorial journey at former Ste-Brigide de Kildare.

Stimulate the 5 senses to give birth to the sixth, awakening to a broader dimension, living a state of grace. Under the high ceiling of the Ste-Brigide, will you experience a musical journey to a new consciousness, a REVELATION- the true wakening of the senses?

Yoga session
Massage session
Yoga-Massage session

4 sessions are offered: 
10am / 1pm / 4pm /7pm
We ask you to arrive at the time indicated on the ticket, take the time to soak up the ambience of the aisle, take a glass of refreshing drink or aperitif. The concert will start 30 minutes after the official arrival time and all access to the site will be shut down for the time of the concert. At the end of the session we invite you to take a break with a healthy snack and stay with us (Yoga-Massage experience) or continue your day in the state of total bliss. * Please note that the last sessions of the day are not offered in YOGA-MASSAGE formula

Erica Arsenault and her team of volunteers from Yoga Lounge will guide you silently in the total harmony with the music. 

Samuel Corneau Deland (composition,direction,violin,guitar, organ)
Ariane Vaillancourt- vocals, piano, special effects
Marc Leclerc- tenor saxophone, keyboard
Jonathan Arseneau- electric bass, double bass
Jean-Daniel Thibeault-Desbiens- drums, calebasse

Provide: carpets- LULULEMON, blankets, water, candles, roses and a gift bag * for each participant!

Please come dressed in black and white.
You can get some inspiration here:

THE SECRET revelation AWAKENING OF THE SENSES is open to all:
Other teachers, staff and volunteers will help you well relax while drawing inspiration from the greatest music and blissful ambiance offered by Ste-Brigide.

An amount of each ticket will be donated to the organization
Séjour Santé Enfants Tchernobyl( SSET)

For questions or comments, please visit our FAQ page or contact us at

* -Gift Bag consists of various gifts from our partners.