Image @annabelleagnew

Image @annabelleagnew

Weekly fresh flowers are considered a need in my household, amidst the orchids that a re currently in full bloom. Their beauty uplifting, their smell refreshing and their subtle reminder of least effort within nature continuously inspires my role as a mother and as a business owner. Last spring I did a flower arranging course at Fig Fleurs and here are a few tips to spark your own creativity.

Use room temperature water not cold (this shocks the flower)

Remove excess leaves so only stem is in the water.

Cut lengthwise up the stem for the flower to get a better ‘drink’.

Refresh water and cut stem everyday.

If using different types of flowers keep them clustered together for a more modern look.

Keep flowers away from direct sunlight.

My favourite flowers: Ranunculus , Peonie, Lily of the Valley

My favourite greenery: Eucalyptus (Lemon Leaf or Silver Dollar), Myrtle, Lemon Leaf

My favourite local florists: En Fleurs sold at Two Barn Owls and Oh Fleurs by order.