In-Home Hydrotherapy



The modern shower. Blast the cold.

In doing so your blood uses its circulatory power to rush through the peripheral capillaries, to combat the cold temperature. As a result the capillaries dilate, cleansing any toxins remaining dormant there. When you exit the shower, towel yourself completely and feel the surge of blood returning to the internal organs, ultimately detoxing on the daily. By practicing this ritual you can: Reduce muscle tension and alleviate pain, igniting rehabilitation if injured. Boost the immune system as the white blood cells and lymph flush through physical vessel optimally. Encourage the detoxification process like saunas and steam rooms. Balances the glandular system. Strengthens the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems. Relieves stress and reduces blood pressure, slowing reactivity and releasing endorphins.

Tip: Use your hands to rub your extremities and belly vigorously. It helps. Massage sweet almond oil on skin after you’ve dried yourself off. My secret: I add DoTerra Ylang Ylang to the oil.

My promise to you… your radiant skin glow will impress even you.

Source: I Am a Woman: Creative, Sacred, and Invincible by Yogi Bhajan

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